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Disfrutand0,0 Sparkling White

Disfrutand0,0 es el resultado de una muy cuidadosa desalcoholización, en nuestras instalaciones de un vino de variedad verdejo que se elabora con este único objetivo: conseguir un blanco espumoso de calidad con burbuja perfectamente integrada y que mantiene el carácter original del vino del que procede.

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Sparkling dealcoholized white wine




Disfrutand0,0 Sparkling is the result of a very careful dealcoholization process of Verdejo wine. We have crafted it with a single goal: to achieve a quality sparkling white wine with perfectly integrated bubbles that maintains the original character of the wine from which it originates. Winemaking, dealcoholization, and subsequent carbonation take place in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature until bottling.


Pale straw yellow color with a lemony edge. It comes with a fine and lasting bubble. Citrus aromas with a hint of lime, white flowers, and dry floral finishes with jasmine qualities. When tasted, it offers a smooth passage with moderate acidity and a pleasant carbonic sensation.


Ideal to accompany fish, seafood, salads, pasta, and, of course, for dessert and all kinds of celebrations.


Recommended to be stored in dry and cool places at a temperature around 15 °C. Once opened, it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days.


To fully enjoy its flavor, it is recommended to consume at a temperature of around 6 °C.

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