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D.O. Almansa

Alaya Tierra

The old vineyards of Garnacha Tintorera are located at an altitude of 1.000 metres, producing low yields and small berries. The wine aged for 15 months in French oak with a small proportion in American oak barrels.

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Red wine aged for 15 months


Garnacha Tintorera


The vineyards of Garnacha Tintorera, located around 1.000 meters of altitude above sea level, are planted in limestone, sandy and well-drained soils. Maceration-fermentation is carried out in small stainless-steel tanks. Malolactic fermentation and subsequent stay in new French and American oak barrels for 15 months, obtaining a wine with its own personality.


Intense cherry color of high layer and bright red tones. Attractive and complex aromatic bouquet where minerals and very ripe black fruits stand out. With fond memories of new wood, on the palate it is wide, powerful, thick and rounded. Balance acidity and silky texture, it surprises us with an original sweetness in a long finish.


Ideal to accompany with game meat and creamy rice dishes, stewed legumes, mushrooms, game and poultry, casseroles, fish and seafood sauce, smoked, cured and blue cheeses, grilled and roasted white and red meats.


It is recommended to store this wine in places devoid of foreign odors with a temperature not exceeding 18 ºC and a controlled humidity. The bottles should be stored horizontally, being the cork in contact with the wine, thus favoring a perfect closure and preventing oxidation.


To fully enjoy this wine, temperature must be between 15 ºC and 18 ºC.

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