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D.O.P. Jumilla

Comoloco Organic without added sulfites and low in histamines

In the winemaking process, where no sulphites are added, we provide the proper conditions in order to prevent development of histamine. Organic

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Young red with no sulphites added & low histamine.


100% Monastrell from certified organic vineyards.


Over 2.300 feet in the continental climate zone known as ‘El Termino de Arriba’, in the town of Jumilla, chalky and limestone vineyards of Monastrell are located, whichis the autochthonous grape variety of this appellation. Cold winters and dry hot summers, coupled with low rainfall and more than 3.000 hours of sunshine per year, provide this area with the ideal climatic conditions for the organic farming of the Monastrell varietal.
To avoid the formation of histamines, we produce in stainless steel tanks with a very precise control of fermentation and in conditions of maximum hygiene, carrying out a rapid fermentation that eliminates the possibilities of histamine formation, promoting cultures of microorganisms suitable for managing the process of secondary malolactic conversion and inhibiting the formation of histamines.


Attractive cherry color wine with an upper middle layer. On the nose, floral scents with a touch of ripen fruits stand out. Well-balanced, fresh on the palate, vivid and tasty with a suitable acidityand ripe fruittannins.


Wine of great versatility that can be paired with pasta, salads, vegetables, mushrooms, stewed meat, sausage, pork, roast meat, red and/or white meat, grilled meat, short or medium cheeses.


Wine storage is recommended in places devoid of odors, with a temperature not exceeding 18 ºC and controlled humidity.


To fully enjoy this wine, the temperature must be between 15 ºC and 18 ºC.

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